Become a Foster Parent

View from above of children holding paper hearts

Answer the Call

Answer the Call

In the United States there are over 400,000 children and teens in the foster care system. How could you possibly make a real impact on such a daunting need? By sharing your life, faith, and your home with an abused child or teen, you can bring lasting change, provide restoration and rebuild trust while teaching children to love others and themselves.

The Bair Foundation offers the following opportunities to serve:

  • Full Time Foster Parenting
  • Part-Time (Respite) Foster Parenting
  • Foster-to-Adopt
  • Medically Needy Foster Care
  • Emergency Foster Care - in OK only

Please say YES. Childhood Doesn't Wait.

Prayerfully consider becoming a champion for a hurting child or teen. Interested in learning more about the mission field foster care or adoption?

The Bair Foundation is always seeking outstanding people to join our team and become Foster Parents.